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The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of West Valley, Utah is dedicated to keeping the traditional martial arts and disciplines of the Shao-Lin Ssu (Young Forest Temple). This centuries old art, it's exercises, and disciplines are suitable for practitioners of  all fitness levels. Classes are structured for Adults although this center accepts students of all ages above 12yrs old. Eventhough Tai Chi & Shaolin martial arts are devastatingly lethal, self defense is only a tiny portion of the Shaolin Art's many benefits. A few benefits of shaolin kung fu include increased stamina, endurance and lung capacity, increased bone density, a stronger memory, a stronger immune system, lower emotional stress and blood pressure, just to name a few. These benefits and more are easily acquired through "time and effort" or "Kung Fu." Shao-Lin Monks strived for longevity and sought immortality. In doing so, they pushed the limits of human potential. Many monks found themselves living healthy and able, still out performing the younger monks, even until the day they passed away!

  Shaolin Temple Traditional Kung Fu and Martial Arts

Chinese Shao-lin Kung Fu (Shaolin Gung Fu) - a 1500 year old martial art developed by the Shaolin monks at the Honan Shaolin Temple for health, mental and physical conditioning and self-defense. The curriculum encompasses empty hand, animal and classical weapon styles. Internal areas include; Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, breathing and meditation... read more on the History of Shaolin.

Martial Arts Shaolin Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'THE THREE GRANDMASTERS
The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Salt Lake/ West Valley, Utah under the guidance of Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard trace their traditional kung fu lineage through the current Shaolin Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' to the Fukien Shaolin Temple in Southern China. The first Shaolin Grandmaster of our direct kung fu lineage is Grandmaster Su Kong T'ai Djin... Born in Fukien Province in 1849... [Su, as a] young child, broke barriers in the Shaolin Temple that had never before been crossed, learning from each kung fu master rather than being assigned to just one. With this type of training Grandmaster Su became the first person in history to complete and master every branch of the Shaolin Kung Fu!!...
read more on our unique lineage and Grandmasters

The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of West Valley City is the only school in the state of Utah that is certified to teach traditional Shaolin martial arts (Kung Fu & Tai Chi) by the Shaolin Grandmaster. The Salt Lake / West Valley, Utah school is part of a network of 12 locations that span across the United States and reach as far as the country of Ireland! For a list of Shaolin Centers near you see our Schools page.

Utah Shaolin Kung Fu Center for Tai Chi Martial Arts

The Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Salt Lake/ West Valley, Utah teaches the REAL Kung Fu forms from the Shaolin Temples of ancient China! The Salt Lake/ West Valley, Utah Center is also visited annually by the Shaolin Elder Masters, David and Sharon Soard. What you will find here is authentic, effective, and essential for longevity, health, and martial arts. There is no equivalent. What you will embark upon, can be the most rewarding and exciting venture of your life! For more details on how our Shaolin martial arts and chi kung training will improve your health, fitness levels, balance, coordination, and self-defense skills, please browse our curriculum Kung Fu (External Training) and Tai Chi/Chi Kung (Internal Training). Find a complete list of prices here.

Come by and join classes today!! No Appointments Necessary. For directions to the Utah Shaolin Center visit our contact page.


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Salt Lake West Valley Utah Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi

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HUA TO LIVE (Move the Chi)
“Physician Hua To Chi Kung Postures ”
Beginning  Sat., February 2nd ,  9am-10am
(For 4 Weeks!)
OPEN To: Brown Belts & Above

CHUAN YANG CHIEN  -  Skewer the Sun Sword
Taoist Internal Weapon 
Tuesday, February  12th ,  7:30pm-9:30pm
OPEN To: White Belts & Above

“10,000 LOTUS BLOOMING – Internal Art"
Saturday, February 16TH, Test/Pretest 10am-1pm  @ CSC CS
Festival - Saturday, February 16TH 1pm-6pm   OPEN to: All Students

(Control the Chi)
Advanced Meditation
Beginning Sat., March 2nd, 9am-10am (for 5 weeks!)
OPEN To: Brown Belts & Above    

HSING-I Linkage Form
Linkage of the 5 Roads/5 Element Fist
Saturday, March 9rd, 10am-11am
OPEN To: 1ST Black Belts & Above


Saturday, March 16th, Test/Pretest 11am-1pm
Festival - 1pm-5pm   OPEN to: All Students

“7 Star Sword” – Classical Double-edged Sword
Tuesday,  March  19th, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
White Belts & Above

4THRoad of Hua Mountain Fist
Beginning Sat., April 6th, 9am-10am (for 4 weeks!)
OPEN To: Brown Belts & Above    

Saturday, April 6th, Test/Pretest   8am-12noon @ CSC ABQ
Festival – S
aturday,  April 6th @ 12noon-6pm OPEN to: All Students

YING JOW NA (Eagle Claw Kung Fu)

(Includes Eagle Claw Chi Kung Training & Conditioning!)
Tuesday, April 16 TH , 7:30pm-9:30pm
White Belts & Above
TIEN HSUI – 36 “Hit the BronzeMan”
(Dim Mak with Solutions – Part II of III)
Sunday, April 28th (10am – 12noon)  @ CSC Denver
4th Blacks & Above